About Us

Rahul Kaushik

Jyotish Vedang is a subsidiary of Vidhan Jv Consultant OPC Pvt. Ltd. and an R&D firm headquartered in India, dedicated to astrology and occultism. The institution was founded in 2012 by Rahul Kaushik, the purveyor of modern analytics in Jyotish and other forms of occult sciences. The institution contextualizes astrological concepts and presents them in a relatable and viable way. Rahul Kaushik carries impeccable expertise of decades and guides people under his tutelage with ease and clarity. Rahul's glory is outwitting the conventional boundaries, with millions of learners and clients worldwide paying gratitude to his profound knowledge. Rahul Kaushik began his career as an R & D engineer. His unparalleled interest in Jyotish and occult parlayed his vision into what shines out today as Jyotish Vedang, the archetype of futurism in astrology. Rahul loves what he does and cultivates his astrological experiences into a fraternity that continuously raises the bar for all who wish to benefit from this ancient heritage.

Our Services

Remedies and remediation

We round off synchronous and holistic remedies as we analyse your past, present and prospects. We assure you that your plans meet a future that complements your skills.

Attention and availability

 We facilitate teamwork that builds every possible horizon of success. The doyens here carry expertise that constantly brightens their experience.

Privacy Guaranteed

 We maintain confidentiality in every official, fortuitous and gratuitous interaction.

Personal Horoscope

An individual horoscope is far beyond just a birth chart. It's the Karmic backdrop willing to explore all that's essential for your present and future.

Best Service

We ascertain that the wisdom of the ancient heritage substantiates your present, creating pathways of excellence for all that you wish to achieve

Humanistic Counselling 

As we start guiding you, we consider every socio psychological prototype that makes you different. We relight the path that is seeking your bright attention.